How to Text a Girl You Like

Well it looks like we have someone looking to get the girl you deserve by always knowing how to text a girl you like. Whether or not you are a natural with girls or have had trouble your whole life learning how to text girls is a skill that can truly add a lot to your dating life and overall happiness. While this might seem like a difficult skill to learn it is a skill none the less. It can be understood, taught, and improved on. In order to learn how to text a girl you like we will first need to go over the common do’s and don’ts of texting a girl.

Sometimes all it takes is one unfortunate little mistake to slow down or even stop the building of attraction between you and that wonderful girl. However texting girls both isn’t taught to us and isn’t immediately obvious how to handle when trying to build attraction. When all it takes is one mistake you might now be very interested to learn about a few of the most common texting mistakes.

how to text a girl you like

how to text a girl you like

How to Text a Girl You Like – Don’ts

Don’t bore her! Guys very commonly cut off their chance at developing attraction by being too boring. “hey, what’s up?” anyone could send a text just like that. Usually when you get a good response to texts as basic as that you probably did quite well when getting that number and she probably already likes you. Be original and genuine. Maybe you both talked about liking trance music when you met so try starting off with something like “hey, i remember you like trance, go to any good shows lately?” Pow you immediately stand out from “hey, what’s up?” Once she responds you can continue with the flow of the conversation. The main idea is to stand out as a valuable interesting person.

While there are many more common don’ts when learning how to text a girl you like, you can check out the link to read about more.

How to Text a Girl You Like – Do’s

Be confident! Don’t worry about things like whether or not she likes you. if she is talking to you then she probably likes you, if she doesn’t at least you have a much better chance to get her to like you when she’s at least responding.

Have fun. The amazing thing about texting is that you can basically instantly be on someone else’s mind just by pushing a few buttons with your thumbs. So imagine if someone has an opportunity to place a thought in someone else’s mind for just an instant then you would want that thought to have a big impact and even grow in her mind rather than be ignored. You will find that the more and better texts you manage to send the better the results will be each time you send another. Knowing what to text a girl you like will really help you apply this idea. Another way to put this to really good use is by leaving some time between texts rather than sending so many so frequently. This gives her mind some time to build attraction as she waits for your next wave of positive feelings as she reads your text.

Learning how to text a girl you like will change you life in more ways than just being better at texting girls. You will start to notice how these same ideas apply to real life interactions. You will save time and energy while getting better results in your social life.

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